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1.    Introductory provisions

1.1.    The purpose of the Website is to mediate for User who can find the advertisement of the Advertiser and use the functions offered by the Website to get the advertised services. User can choose services on the web platform that meet the requirements of User. For this purpose Service Provider may provide different services to User through the Website.   

1.2.    This GTC includes the terms and conditions of using the services provided by this Website by Advertiser and User.

2.    Definitions

Definitions used in present GTC shall have the following meanings assigned to them unless agreed otherwise:

a)    GTC: present General Terms and Conditions,
b)    User: any individuals who wish to use the service and completed the registration process on the Website pursuant to section 3 of present GTC;
c)    Advertiser: any individuals who offer a service and completed the registration process on the Website pursuant to section 3 of present GTC;
d)    User Account: an online profile created by User with the registration process on the Website pursuant to section 3 of present GTC containing data suitable for the identification of User where User may use the services and the functions of the Website related to the services;
e)    Visitor: any individuals visiting the website but not regarded as User;
f)    Contract: an agreement between Service Provider, Advertiser or User made with the registration process pursuant to section 3 of present GTC and its content include the current provisions of this GTC;
g)    Service: any services provided by the Service Provider to User through the Website in particular providing services that improve well-being.
h)    Service Provider:-;
i)    Website: website created, maintained and operated by Service Provider at URL;
j)    Legality clause: on the Website only activities pursuant to current legislation are allowed i.e. advertising activity shall take place exclusively, the operator of the Website provides only the platform for Advertiser who may advertise on the Website for a monthly fee. The operator of the Website excludes any and all responsibility due to possible illegal excessive activities of Advertiser.  

3.    Registration and concluding a Contract

3.1.    The condition of using services and the functions of the Website related to the services is creating a User Account on the Website by registration. Any private individuals are entitled to register on the Website.

3.2.    Registration may be conducted by giving the required data (email address and telephone number) or with Google or Facebook accounts and in this case the required data is transferred and saved from the regarded user account with the approval of User by selecting the given option.

3.3.    The Website sends a confirmation email to User about successful registration and creation of User Account. The Contract is concluded when this confirmation email is sent at the time of sending. With registration, User declares that he is familiar with and understands the provisions of present GTC and consents to be bound by them.  

3.3.1.    With registration, User declares that every given or transferred data pursuant to section 3.2 of this GTC is complete and correct.  

3.4.    Service Provider is entitled to check the validity of data given at registration and require verification from User when in doubt. In case any data or any details are incomplete or prove to be incorrect and User does not verify its validity within a given time-frame specified in the notification email, Service Provider is entitled to delete the concerned User Account without delay and notify User at the same time.   

3.5.    User is obliged to report any changes in data given in section 3.2 or transferred at the next log in when User must modify the data accordingly. User is responsible for any damage caused by failing to report any changes or delay.  

3.6.    Any individuals are allowed to create only one User Account on the Website. With registration User declares and guarantees that he does not have another User Account created at an earlier registration. In case of multiple registration, Service Provider has the right to delete all the User Accounts without delay and notify User about it at the same time.

4.    Using the Website and its services

4.1.    Services and obligations of Advertiser

4.1.1. After registration Advertiser may advertise picture, video, introductory text and the contact details (address and phone number) on the advertising platform provided by the Service Provider.  
4.1.2. Advertiser is obliged to receive User at the time and date reserved by User, otherwise Service Provider may block the account of Advertiser or exclude Advertiser from the Website, depriving Advertiser of active advertising opportunities.
4.1.3. Service Provider becomes active Advertiser on the Website if Advertiser pays monthly fee. Failing to do so, Advertiser's active status is blocked. User can use the Website free of charge.  
4.1.4. In case User turns up at Advertiser’s at the reserved time and date, Advertiser must rate User and send it to Service Provider.

4.2.    Services and obligations of User
4.2.1. User registers the website by specifying their email address and telephone number which can be seen by Advertiser then User can use the functions of the Website.
4.2.2. Social network page function: User can upload photos or videos which can be seen and commented by anybody all over the world and uploader can take messages, as well.  
4.2.3. User may reserve an appointment at Advertiser’s and User is obliged to turn up at the agreed place at the agreed time. In case User decides not to use the service for some reason, User is obliged to cancel the appointment within 24 hours of the appointment otherwise Service Provider may block User’s Account or exclude from the Website.
4.2.4. In case User turns up at Advertiser’s at the agreed date and time, User is obliged to rate Advertiser and send this rating to Service Provider.

5.    Modification of Contract

5.1.    Service Provider is entitled to modify this GTC (including all annexes of GTC) unilaterally while notifying Users at the same time. Modifications come into force at the time of above notification or a date specified in the notification. The modification of GTC also means the corresponding modification of Contract.  

6.    Termination of Contract

6.1.    Contract is terminated by deleting User Account.

6.2.    User is entitled to delete their User Account anytime or ask Service Provider to do so, if justified.

6.3.    Service Provider is entitled to delete the User Account of User in cases apart from sections 3.3.1, 4.1.2 and 4.2.3 of this GTC while notifying User at the same time in the event of serious and persistent breach of Contract by User.   

6.4.    Deleting a User Account does not concern the outstanding entitlements and obligations of both User and Service Provider based on the Contract at the time of cancellation.

7.    Responsibility

7.1.    User takes notice of and accepts that User and Advertiser are liable for all responsibilities regarding User’s conduct while using the Website and services and User’s failures and Service provider is not responsible in any way.

7.2.    Service Provider is not liable to Advertiser for the service of Advertiser and its quality.

7.3.    Service Provider is not subject any way to the individual contract made between User and Advertiser based on the offer by this GTC or to any other agreement and Service Provider shall not be liable to any content of these contracts especially the completion, injury or other conduct of either parties.                               

8.    Consents

8.1.    User gives their consent to Service Provider to send advertising material to the email address given by User at the registration process so that Service Provider may introduce new products or services or offers further cooperation possibilities which may be beneficial to both parties.

8.2.    User is entitled to withdraw their consent given to Service Provider included in this section 8 without the obligation to state reasons or any other obligations by sending a declaration to the email address specified in section 10.1.b.).

9.    Privacy Policy

9.1.    Service Provider applies electronic data processing on the Website while respecting User’s rights to the personality and the legal provisions in effect concerning privacy in any case. Supplying information on the Website is voluntary. By completing the registration process, User allows Service Provider to manage their personal data. Service Provider guarantees confidential management of every User’s saved personal details who registered on the Website. The given data is recorded for Service Provider to identify Users, get in touch with Users, provide services based on Users’ requirements, create statistics reports, send newsletters and marketing purposes. Service Provider only manages data which is necessary for the above mentioned purposes and was given by User voluntarily at the registration process. The personal data includes title, full name, address, email address, date of birth, password and telephone number. Service Provider guarantees that no personal data is collected on the Website without the consent of Users or Visitors. Service Provider manages the data by complying the relevant legislation in effect with particular reference to Act 112/2011 on the right of information self-determination and the freedom of information, Act 6/1998 on the convention for the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data done at Strasbourg on the 28th day of January 1981 and the operational, ethical and procedural rules related to content provision of the Association of Hungarian Content Providers, in particular Appendix 2 on the management and protection of personal data and information and the legal and existing regulations of Act 48/2008 on the basic conditions and some limitations of commercial advertising. Service Provider manages data until the User Account exists. By deleting User Account, User data is deleted as well except for that necessary for completing outstanding obligations to User or Service Provider based on Contract or for exercising their rights and this data is deleted without delay after the fulfilment of obligations concerned.                                    

10.    Miscellaneous provisions

10.1.    Parties can make declarations and notifications in effect defined in this GTC unless it is found otherwise in this GTC in the following way:

a)    Service Provider to any contact information of User and Advertiser;

b)    User via relevant platform or the following email address: ……@...........

10.2.    User and Advertiser are not entitled to copy the Website and its content without the consent of Service Provider.

10.3.    User and Advertiser are obliged to refrain from communicating content which is contrary to legislation, their conduct cannot violate privacy rights or not allowed to commit, prepare or attempt crime.

10.4.    Subheadings in GTC are used solely to find the reference of given provisions and they do not influence the understanding of given provisions in any way.

10.5.    Neither party is responsible for the delay or the failure to fulfil their obligations and all its consequences provided that it happened due to any reasons beyond the power of Parties or reasons outside their control including especially but not exclusively war, riot, fire, flood or other natural disasters, the interference of the government or other authorities or power or any other utilities failure (including failure in communications networks or other).

10.6.    Parties agree that any claims or disputes arising from or in connection with present GTC or contract based on this GTC, its breach, termination, validity or interpretation shall be exclusively decided by Pest Central District Court concerning matters lying within the competence of the district court and by the Court of Budapest concerning matters lying within the competence of judicial court.

10.7.    This GTC repeals any previous oral or written declarations, interpretations, provisions statements or agreements between Parties.  

10.8.    In case any provisions of GTC is partly or wholly illegal, invalid, or not enforceable or becomes illegal, invalid or enforceable, it does not concern other provisions of GTC or the Contract in any way.   

10.9.    In case of questions not included in present GTC, the provisions of the Hungarian legislation and especially Act 5/2013 on the civil code constitute as governing provisions.